China Unblocks Some Websites

from the who's-the-person-behind-the-switch dept

Near the end of last year, China went through this weird phase where they started temporarily unblocking news websites they had been blocking. So, sites that had been blocked for years were suddenly unblocked (reasons were not given) and then some (but not all) were reblocked again later, only to see another few unblocked a bit after that. It’s as if China has some guy who has the job of coming in every morning, looking at a checklist (maybe it’s online) of news websites and checking off which ones are blocked, and which ones are open. Now, they’ve apparently got a bit of spring fever and have suddenly unblocked a bunch of news sites again (and, again, without explaining why).

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Comments on “China Unblocks Some Websites”

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HALEY (user link) says:

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Nisse (user link) says:

Myspace and other Websites

Yes, my school has blocked many websites, but i’m mainly concerned about myspace because that’s how I keep in contact wit a lot of my friends during the day about different subjects.
Also, I can google ‘websites for unblocking myspace’ and different things like that, but the ones that come up, my school has blocked those. What should I do? How do i bypass that?

james alderiger says:

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The Real Proxy (user link) says:

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kayley says:


hey how are you well i am very pissed of with all theses school computers being blocked on my sovcila life the opnly thing i can get on is school work lol but hopefulkly you can help me and get this redstone childprotection shit of my computer so i can get face book back and myspace and msn and bebo back plz help me and give me something to unblock this redstone tocuh thing of my computer thanks as soon as you do can you reply to my messages xxxx

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