Blame The Video Game Again

from the pointless dept

Well, here it comes again. People not taking responsibility for their own idiotic actions – and so they need to find a scapegoat like video games. A 13-year-old kid who shot and killed a friend after playing video games is saying that it was the video games that made him do it, since he was just acting out what he saw on the screen. I’m sorry, but at the age of 13 you know the difference between video games and reality. The lawyers are just looking to make the kid avoid responsibility for his own actions. I also think that the boy’s mother should get in serious trouble for leaving a loaded gun around the house where it was easily accessible by the boys.

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Comments on “Blame The Video Game Again”

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TheCaptain says:

Yeah right...

Sounds like this kid knew EXACTLY what he was doing and figured with the media hubhub going on he could get away with it.

Fact is, he’s probably a psychopath to begin with who (if my opinion above is correct…it may not be, I don’t have all the data) WILL kill again.

Little jerk probably got a thrill out of it.

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