New Rules, So Much Like The Old Rules

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Here’s an article from Forbes looking at the new SEC proposed rule changes to keep equity analysts from recommending crap stocks again. As most people have mentioned, these rule changes seem really weak and unlikely to do anything. The Forbes article points out that most of them simply repeat rules that are already in place. Analysts aren’t allowed to sell stocks they’ve just recommended. That’s not new. Analysts can’t trade good research reports for banking business. That’s not new. The SEC has been losing more and more credibility over the years. The article recommends one simple rule that seems to make a lot of sense: no analyst should be able to put out research on a firm their company has business with. Simple, yet effective.

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Comments on “New Rules, So Much Like The Old Rules”

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Ed says:

The Answer: Stop Listening To Them!

As far as I’m concerned, analysts might as well hype whatever they want and start coming out with even more positive ratings, like “the better mousetrap” and “the best thing since sliced bread”, because I’m not paying any attention to them any more.

Most people already know better than to listen to someone cold-calling you from a no-name boiler room in Florida touting some thinly-traded penny stock. IMHO, the Wall Street analysts have cried “Strong Buy” once too often, and I now pay them the same heed. I’m counting on mutual fund managers to have the same healthy skepticism.

steve snyder says:

Ignore them but it's still a problem

My inital reaction the same as Ed’s. Just ignore them, the alalists are idiots who mostly act in their own best interests anyway, and it’s been what way for awhile. But…the problem is while you and I and other intelligent people don’t pay attention to them, so may others do. These people have the ability to move markets and manipulate stock prices–so we can’t entirely ignore them. The SEC needs to get tougher. I’m still hoping for a world where full disclosure in fiancial matters by all publicly traded companies puts the analists out of business.

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