Fake Xbox Emulator Really Spyware

from the lovely dept

It’s getting to the point where it’s not worth downloading and installing any software these days. Apparently, some folks created a fake Xbox emulator because they knew plenty of people would download it. However, instead of an emulator, the software installed some sort of trojan horse that would connect to various advertising sites, probably to boost some companies ratings. It still makes me wonder why people think scams like this will work, and that they’ll get away with them. If you’re going to try to be so creative, why not try to create a legitimate business instead of just annoying the crap out of people.

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Comments on “Fake Xbox Emulator Really Spyware”

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Spunky says:

Bloody Spyware


I have been reading so many articles on this f***ing spyware that is going about. Will these arseholes stop at nothing to invade your privacy?

What I really don’t get is do these morons really think these tactics will work? Let me ask a question if some s.o.b company secrectly installs software on your computer and then monitors your internet activity etc. to aim specific adverts at you, will you not say “how the fuck did this crap get sent to me” and then try your best to remove the shit or will you say “oh wow I really want this crap they are advertising”. Somehow I think the former is what must [sane] people will do.

I have already installed on my work and home pcs popup ad filter, webwasher, Neowatch (a firewall) and ad-aware just to counter these bastards who insist on trying to infect my computer with their virus like software.

The thing that really makes me smile is the fact that web-washer works so well that I see **NO** adverts on webpages and indeed I filter so much crap its amazing. I hope some of these bastards who make these types of software read this post because I am laughing at all your FAILED attempts to get crap on my computer and to force adverts down my throat LOL.

Its just a pity that I need to go to such lengths to keep my pc the way **I** want it.

Al says:

No Subject Given

This only really applies to Australians, but here, if you watch Big Brother and want to watch it online, you have to pay to join something called dsuit….with, you guessed it, some lovely spyware attatched that slows your computer to a crawl.

You have to wade through about ten pages of tiny type to find that clause.

So, in short, yes, I’m getting too paranoid to trust many downloads these days. Even trust-e doesn’t seem to be reliable.

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