The MusicNet Mess

from the nice-try dept

Here’s an article at MSNBC that looks at what a mess MusicNet is. MusicNet, of course, is one of the two major label attempts to offer “legal” online music. Of course, they do so by making people pay a monthly subscription fee, limiting the number of streams you can hear (no downloads), not letting you move the music to any other device, and making sure you lose everything if you cancel your subscription. Oh yeah, the selection sucks also. We knew this before, but now they’re trying to improve the service. Of course, that might be difficult. The most amusing part is that because three of the five major music labels are involved and on the board, in order to avoid anti-trust concerns, board meetings require an anti-trust lawyer who makes sure they don’t discuss anything like how the company is going to make money. I would imagine those are some of the most useless board meetings around.

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