Kazaa Head Speaks

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The head of Sharman Networks that bought Kazaa hasn’t said anything since the purchase. Now she’s granted her first interview talking about what’s going on. She clears up some of the mystery behind the company (they’re not listed in Australia, but say they’re an Australian company). She also talks about the various relationships they have with spyware or other intrusive programs – which she defends as being reasonable. The interviewer doesn’t challenge her much on this point. She also mentions that Kazaa/Sharman believes they should have a seat at the table to determine what happens in the world of online music – and they’re even pushing for some sort of ISP tax that goes to the record companies and artists to pay for file sharing. While I’m glad that someone is pushing for the continued use of file sharing, I have to admit that their use of spyware, and weird corporate secrecy makes me very wary of trusting this company to act in the real interests of consumers.

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Comments on “Kazaa Head Speaks”

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1 Comment
Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Oh great, another unfair tax...

I wonder exactly what percentage of internet users illegally download copyrighted music and other works?
Does it seem fair that once again there is a person or group who feels it’s necessary to assume everyone is guilty and that everyone should help pay the record/movie companies even though only a fairly small percentage of people may actually be violating copyrights?

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