Wireless Data Will Change The World

from the if-we-ever-get-it dept

Here’s an article about a speech given by Cingular’s CEO at iWireless World where he says that wireless data will be like color television – in that it will change lives and everyone will need to get it. That may be true, but it’s not going to happen the way all the wireless carriers are setting up their offerings these days. Charging ridiculous fees without offering compelling services has so far gotten wireless data offerings off to quite the slow start. Changing lives is wonderful – but they might want to focus on providing something that customers want at a reasonable price first. Changing lives can come later.

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Comments on “Wireless Data Will Change The World”

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prashant says:

Chicken versus Egg

Yeah, wireless data is expensive but the prices will come down. The networks are just launching and they are going after early adopters and business users. Most new technology is expensive at first and targetted at early adopters. Remember when VCRs and DVD players were $500 or when you couldn’t get a PC for less than $2000? So stop your whining and just wait for the prices to come down.

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