So Close, And Yet So Far

from the almost-there... dept

A column over at looking at how we all have a number of electronics systems that would be so much more useful if they all worked together – but they don’t, mainly because standards are lacking. The writer places the blame on the “unsexy” nature of things that connect things – saying that no one is working on it because it’s not a flashy product (and as such, no venture capitalist fund such projects). I don’t think that’s necessarily true. People and companies have been working on all sorts of home automation offerings for years. I think a lot of people do find it a “sexy” application to work on – but there’s been very slow customer adoption. Some of that is because these producats are a hard sell. Customers need to be convinced why they need their garage door opener connected to their coffee machine (and to be convinced that when the coffee machines breaks, the garage door will still open).

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