Two Years Of Tech Stock Collapse

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It’s now been two years since the stock market for tech stocks started collapsing and this article doesn’t paint an optimistic picture of what’s going to happen in the near future. It suggests that while the economy itself may be improving (and this other article from the same location says that consumers are optimistic, tech stocks may move “sideways” for a while. Of course, predicting the stock market is a fools’ game – even (if not especially) for the media.

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Comments on “Two Years Of Tech Stock Collapse”

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1 Comment
Robert Loch (user link) says:

Related articles by Dan Gillmor

‘A famous financier once said, with more practicality than human sensitivity, that the best time to invest was when the blood was running in the streets. I like a proverb better, that the darkest hour comes before the dawn.’-
Dismal numbers still leave room for optimism
‘When we look back on the crazy era of the Internet bubble, one of the pivot points may be the day Henry Blodget threatened to tell the whole truth.’- Paying fines too lenient for analysts who lied

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