CD Copying Compromise?

from the I-don't-think-so dept

One of the companies that makes CD copy protection technology says they’re offering a “compromise” solution for consumers who want to make copies. They will let people copy and email songs to friends, but those copies can only be listened to a few times. That doesn’t seem like much of a compromise. The issue at hand is “fair use” and being able to do simple things like listen to the same music at home and in your car. It’s nice to see SunnComm try – but, it’s not much of a solution.

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Comments on “CD Copying Compromise?”

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Ltlw0lf says:

Re: Not good enough

Unfortunately, running Linux could soon be a crime, as with any other Open Source operating system which cannot close certain parts of their code which contain proprietary DRM developed or licensed at a high price by Microsoft (remember, Microsoft owns the software patent for DRM on a computer.)

Of course, when running Linux becomes a crime, government is going to have a little problem, as many if not most of the systems administrators working for the government have a pet Linux or other Open Source box lying around somewhere. Of course, this will be unenforcable anyway and will likely end up being killed off by the supreme court as unconstitutional, so why worry about it.

I rather am looking forward for being arrested for the sole reason of using OpenBSD & Linux, I can see the headlines now…”One million geeks were arrested today for the crime of running an open source operating system. The already swamped court and prison system is left reeling after police arrested the 1 million geeks, on felony charges punishable up to 5 years in prison for illegally possessing an open source operating system which does not implement the government mandated proprietary DRM system developed and licensed by Microsoft. Businesses were also hurt due to the rapid loss of qualified systems administrators, as well as the seizure of important business machines running on non-Microsoft systems. In other news, Microsoft has decided to use the opportunity to announce a 300% increase on the price of all of its operating systems, as all competition has been removed.”

Ok, so maybe I am exagerating the effects…

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