Make A Million, Lose A Million: Who Cares?

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Salon has an “insider” article about yet another guy who went to a startup, rode the hype up, and rode the market all the way back down. The difference here (and it’s only a slight difference) is that the guy worked for a telecom startup that actually made a product. He says that he doesn’t mind having made and lost a million or more dollars in the process (he admits he basically fell into the job accidentally). He says that the thrill of being part of a startup, and actually building something, made it all worthwhile. I know how he feels. There are a number of people who feel that way, and they’re the ones who are still plugging away at startups and haven’t gone running back to their safe, secure jobs that they left to come out here to try to get rich quick.

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Comments on “Make A Million, Lose A Million: Who Cares?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Lose a Million - Who Cares?

Anyone who invested in anything should know that they’re taking a risk. I don’t think we were ignoring them at all… Anyway, in this case in particular, since the company was sold, the investors probably made out like bandits. It’s just the ones who held onto the stock of the new company that got hurt (and even then, I’d bet they did okay, compared to their original investment).

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