RIAA Gets $1 Million From Company That Let Employees Share Music

from the say-what? dept

Maybe I’m missing something here. The RIAA has settled the lawsuit they had against consulting firm Integrated Information Systems for $1 million. They said that IIS was allowing its employees to share MP3s over the internal corporate network. I’m not sure I see what IIS did that was illegal. If the employees did something illegal, then the RIAA should go after the employees. All the company did was have a network which its employees used. This ignores the fact, of course, that I still think the music industry should learn to encourage music sharing since it gets more people interested in their music.

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Comments on “RIAA Gets $1 Million From Company That Let Employees Share Music”

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1 Comment
agent orange (user link) says:

Ummm ... IIS

Internet Information Server. The RIAA really sued over this and won? So, who owns IIS? Must be an entertainment company front to scre the bejeezus out of people. Why would anyone be so stupid as to pay that much? The RIAA is just too blind to see the truth. They dont own all MP3’s. Hell, I think I am going to have to put my FREE music back online only in MP3 format. I encourage other to do the same. I copyleft all of my music just so that no one can sue anyone for anything.

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