CNET Stops Downloading Kazaa

from the that's-gotta-hurt dept

It seems that these days if you want to offer a software product for download, you put it on CNET’s So, if they kick you off, it has to hurt your distribution. Today, CNET took Kazaa off the site for violating their policies by bundling a secret program within the Kazaa download.

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Comments on “CNET Stops Downloading Kazaa”

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Zak McKracken says:

Re: No Subject Given

IIRC, the ‘hidden client’ is one of a distributed network/seti type, but with a twist. The client not only allows for distributed computing, but also allows for distributed file transfers – eg: it can stick part or all of a file on your pc, and your PC sends it to a host on demand. Great for those paying per meg :/

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