Rent A Hacker?

from the joke?--reality? dept

The site certainly sounds like a hoax or a scam, but you never know. Newsbytes has an article about a site advertising hacking services for anyone with the cash to pay up. The site says they’ll break into school computers to change a grade, change report information, access email accounts, etc. My guess is that this sort of stuff is really just a (seemingly successful) publicity stunt for them to sell their script kiddie software and info (which is probably available for free elsewhere). According to the article, advertising these services is not illegal. Actually doing them, of course, is illegal.

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Comments on “Rent A Hacker?”

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bebe says:

pro site

I frequently browsing for network security sites I would vote on
And this is is there for like half year.Not bad eh?
I guess they are real badass hackers.No one else would have the courage to write things like that on the web.
They have a disclaimer though,asking only for real orders.Cheeky guys thats for sure,because of this I like them.

Etienne says: The best hacker site!!!!

There is a war between microsoft and they revealed why firewalls on windows are ineffective and some other serious security issues.

In return they banned them!You can not find them in not even if you put their name straight into the search engine!

This is completely ridiculous!They told the truth so microsoft wants to wipe them out from the Internet!!!

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