The Next Wireless Fad: Teens

from the so-they-say dept

Forbes has an article saying that the next big thing in wireless is coming up with wireless for teenagers. They make all the arguments that sound good. Of course, people have been saying the same exact thing for the past five years. Not to say that it won’t finally be true – but it does make you wonder. They talk with a couple of companies that are trying to provide more “themed” phones and content to teens so that the teens can stand out with their cooler phones – and return to pay up again when whatever fad their phone is currently promoting suddenly becomes a has been.

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Comments on “The Next Wireless Fad: Teens”

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1 Comment
sb says:

No Subject Given

this is a stupid Nasdaq 5000 idea.
can it get more clear?

the next 10-15 years = recession

no more cashola from their overpaid, overemployed parents with floods of CSCO profits rolling in and multiple standing job offers.

back to the 1970s
back to hand me downs
back to playing stickball in a dirt lot.
back to sharing bedrooms with siblings
back to bunk beds
back to generic brand cereals
back to using the same haloween costume for 3 years
back to using the same baseball mitt for 10 years
back to family vacations driving to Florida
back to used cars
back to the 19 fucking 70’s !!

and guess what? ironically, the depression/misery rate will also start to drop in our culture. The materialistic culture is on its way OUT…


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