Gates Tricked By Canadian Radio Show

from the april-fools dept

It seems we just can’t let go of these various April Fools jokes. Somehow, some Canadian radio hosts convinced Bill Gates to talk with them as they pretended to be Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. During the 14 minute conversation, the fake Chretien insulted Windows while trying to put plans to meet with Gates into his Outlook client, saying that it wasn’t working and asking, “Who’s the idiot who invented this shit?”. I’m surprised that Gates agreed to the interview without more checking up on things. A Microsoft spokesperson only said that the hoaxers “were persistent”.

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Comments on “Gates Tricked By Canadian Radio Show”

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Tim says:


Oh that was GREAT, much better than a pie in
the face.

Living so close to the border, I was suprised
that Gates didn’t clue in on the “We can go
golfing.” line, since it was a bit of a major
scandel up here.

I for one am glad the guys got past the prelim
checks. It’s nice to poke fun at upper crust
and get them to laugh along. Perhaps it’s just
a Canadian thing eh? Life is too serious, laugh.

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