More Problems With Streaming Audio Royalties

from the more-reasons-why-the-DMCA-sucks dept

We’ve already discussed some reasons why the new streaming audio royalties system the copyright office has designed is bad. However, if that wasn’t convincing enough, now it turns out that the new rules may mean that listeners won’t have much privacy either. Apparently, in certain instances web radio stations will have to keep special “listener logs” that detail information about who’s listening to what and where they’re coming from – which they’ll have to share with the content owners. I guess it’s fitting. The music industry already treats us like we’re all criminals anyway – so why not track our every movement as well.

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Comments on “More Problems With Streaming Audio Royalties”

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1 Comment
Gray Powell says:

About this shit

I think all this stuff is absurd. The RIAA and the DMCA have gotten completely out of control.. They are always scheming to fuck people out of marketing information. I remember that guy giving false information in a speech about how many songs can be downloaded in 2 days (which stretched to 3 and didn’t follow any of the orginal rules)..I remember a while back after september 11 the RIAA were trying to say we needed to install stuff on our computer for marketing and other data. I just wonder when is it going to end.. And when the companies get the money, think about it, do the artists see that? I remember reading courtney love was going to sue her recording company because she wasn’t seeing any of the money they were reaping in from shit like this. Now one of my favorite radio stations in the whole world, Somafm (…. GREAT music), is being threatened to pay royalties for all the songs they play, and keep logs. I just want to smack the recording industry. Is there anything we can do short of taking all these people off the earth?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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