David Bunnell's Rise And Fall And Rise And Fall And…

from the repeat-ad-naseum dept

SF Gate is running an article all about David Bunnell, most recently famous for his running of Upside. He’s been in the computer magazine business for decades and has, at one time or another, touched many of the well-known magazines out there. However, there are a lot of people in this world who hate him, and are doing everything they can to warn people to stay away from his newest venture (a magazine we’ve already made fun of). It is true that Bunnell’s son died while running Upside’s online business (from a mix of heroin, Valium and alcohol), and that is tragic. However, that doesn’t excuse some of Bunnell’s business practices – which seem to involve an awful lot of lawsuits with former partners. I thought the most telling line in the profile is the one where it says in his first writing job he “received schooling… in hyping computer products.” My problem with Bunnell has always been just that. He goes more with hype than substance. I would like to believe people are sick of it – and want more substance in what they read.

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