Teoma Getting Ready To Relaunch

from the how-good-will-it-be dept

There was a point last year when it was popular to find random other search engines that might, one day, give Google a run for the money. It seems that most of those “other” search engines have been bought up recently (both Teoma and Wisenut were bought in the last few months). Now, AskJeeves (who bought Teoma) are getting ready to relaunch the service. They admit that it’s going to take some work to match Google, but they do seem to have some interesting ranking technology that works by looking at which sites are “hubs”. Of course, every time I test out Teoma, I find the results are inadequate compared to Google. Interestingly, the folks at Teoma say that they have no plans to index the same number of pages as Google. They say they want quality over quantity. Of course, if they’re not indexing those other pages – how do they know they’re not missing the quality ones?

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