Marty, The Dot Com Cleanup Guy

from the you-don't-want-him-showing-up-at-your-door dept

Business Week has a profile of Marty Pichinson, the guy your VCs call to shut down your company. He’s apparently quite the badass when it comes to cleaning up dot com messes. He sells off assets and shuts the company down quietly (without a lot of negative publicity that the VCs hate). How much do services like that cost? $75,000 or 7.5% of the assets sold off – whichever is higher. Seems like good work if you can get it. The interesting thing, though, is that Marty and his VC friends expect him to be very busy over the next few months as the next wave of tech companies (mostly telecom startups) need to be “cleaned”.

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Comments on “Marty, The Dot Com Cleanup Guy”

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1 Comment
Clouser says:

Carnage continues

-Yes, I was just saying to someone sitting next to my right or left last night, can’t remember, that I think there are still a lot more companies that need to be and will be shut down. The carnage will continue. Many received funding in 2000, made it last, but can’t get more.

Eric Verity, CPA, does this as well He is one of the best in the business and the fees are more reasonable.

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