Spyware vs. Anti-Spyware

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It seems there’s a little coding war going on between companies who make spyware and companies who make software to detect the spyware. The spyware software, of course, is most popularly used by spouses who don’t trust their significant others and want to see what they’re typing. So, some guy came up with a product called “Who’s Watching Me?” that lets you see if there’s spyware on your computer. When the spyware guys realized what was going on, they didn’t just change their software to avoid detection – they added in code to their products that intentionally crashed Who’s Watching Me. Now that code war may escalate as Who’s Watching Me figures out how to fight back.

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Comments on “Spyware vs. Anti-Spyware”

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grimey says:

...similar thing with:

A similar thing seems to be on going with software (presumably shareware/freeware/adware) and software that monitors windows registry changes during installations etc…
See the quote from http://www.sysinternals.com about their Regmon utility:
“Regmon now runs … a window-class randomizing scheme foils most software that otherwise tries to close Regmon in order to prevent you from monitoring the software’s Registry accesses”

The Misanthrope (user link) says:

Topic Drift (sorry)

Best thing about that (optimized for MSIE and WMP on MSNBC) article: Getting to see that the Windows Crash pop-up now reads, after something causes KERNEL32 to melt down, “Try restarting your computer” instead of “Try contacting the program vendor.” I guess this tempers the embarrassment of how often the program that crashed Windows was a Microsoft program itself.

Kelly says:

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