Disappearing Text Messages

from the gone-into-nothingness dept

Everyone’s talking about how cool text messages are. What if they never arrive? Apparently, it might be a fairly large problem. No one is quite sure how many SMS text messages never get to their target. No one ever expected SMS messages to be used as much as they are. At least with emails, you usually get a bounced message. Text messages, might just go nowhere. If folks in Europe think they’ve got it bad, though, it’s nothing compared to the U.S. where we have all these different networks to deal with. This weekend some friends of mine were randomly testing their ability to send text messages from their phones to others. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. I received about 1/3 of the messages sent my way. And, they don’t always arrive in a timely fashion. This afternoon I suddenly received a completely nonsensical text message that had been sent to me over 24 hours earlier – at which time it would have made perfect sense.

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