Betting Cash On Predictions

from the fun-for-the-whole-family dept

Kevin Kelly and a few other well known tech personalities have put together the Long Bets Foundation that will let people who are predicting the future make bets with others on those predictions. I think this is a pretty cool idea. All of the proceeds go to charity. I’m always a fan of keeping prognosticators honest by keeping track of their predictions, so I think just for that element alone it’s a useful idea. They’ve rounded up some big names in technology to seed the site with a number of very interesting bets (will we receive signals from intelligent life outside this solar system by 2025? will there be pilotless planes within 28 years?). The bets are all supposed to be based on real theories about something that is important to the world (and not random mundane predictions, though there is at least one bet about sports), so it should be fun to watch.

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