Cringely Pitching Open Source TV

from the publicity-stunt? dept

Robert Cringely’s latest idea is to turn his popular column into a TV show of sorts. Except, the idea would be that it would be entirely online. Then, to make it more interesting, he is claiming that the show would be open source. It’s a bit misleading, but what he’s really saying is that he’d encourage people to share the file (it would only be offered as a complete download – not streaming – to deal with quality issues). By letting people share it, he feels it would remove some of the bandwidth issues he would otherwise have to deal with. He would also offer different versions. One would be the full “source code” including every bit of footage they shot. Then there would be a “techie edit” (which would focus on the techie issues discussed on the show), a “suit edit” (for the business folks) and a 2 – 3 minute “highlights” version. While I think that some of the idea is designed just to get Cringely more publicity, it’s not a bad idea in many ways. It wouldn’t hurt some folks in the entertainment industry to watch what happens if this actually goes through.

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