Economy Recovering But Where Are The Tech Jobs?

from the still-tough dept

While economists and other financial people have been congratulating themselves over the past few weeks saying that the recession is over, and everything’s looking great, the job market for techies is still looking bleak. Admittedly, the job market tends to lag a recession, as firms want to make sure that things are really looking up on the bottom line before they try to hire new people. However, this article points out that because of productivity gains, there simply may be fewer jobs out there for techies. I don’t buy this. As the economy takes off again (assuming it actually is recovering these days), I would expect many more jobs to start opening up. While they might not be CxO type jobs for 21 year-olds that will let you retire on stock option wealth in 18 months, there are plenty of technology companies that will need smart people.

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