Mobile Phone Viruses

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Because things aren’t complicated enough with your mobile phone, now you should start watching out for mobile phone viruses or other nasty pieces of code that could do things like automatically make your phone dial 911 over and over again or automatically send out text message spam from your phone until it crashes. It seems the next wave of security products may have to involve protecting your phone. In Japan they apparently had to shut off their 911 equivalent to deal with a mobile phone trojan horse that overloaded the system. Luckily, we’re so far behind in the US, that most of our current phones aren’t at risk. However, with newer, fancier phones coming to market very quickly, we won’t be safe for long. Again, though, this article seems like typical virus overhype. If you are careful with what you do with your phone and what you download and run, then you should be safe.

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