Cool Design, Bad Sales

from the not-everyone-buys-the-cool-design dept

A good article about how a cool design often does not mean success in the marketplace. Ever since the first iMac (which, obviously was quite successful) launched, there has been a resurgence in the importance of industrial design in the tech industry. However, many of the “cooler” award winning products still fail – for a variety of reasons. The article talks about three main reasons for such designs failing in the marketplace. First, too many designs are slapped on to a product at the end, after everything else has been designed – instead of being an integral part of designing the entire product. Second, is that a design doesn’t fit with the brand that is promoting it. People don’t look to Dell to get crazy hip computers. The want cheap computers that work. Finally, it helps to have a big marketing budget to get the word out there.

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Comments on “Cool Design, Bad Sales”

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msykes says:

Re: becoming more important

Yeah, form is great, just so long as it’s not at the expense of function. That was the good thing about the iMac (old and new). It was really cool, and functionally it really only gives up expansion, which most people don’t need. The new iMacs are even better… oh hang on, I’m just randomly praising Apple again 🙂


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