Yankee Group Changes Division Names To Avoid New Economy Jargon

from the too-funny dept

Well, this one is pretty damn funny. Yankee Group, one of those analyst firms that hyped and pumped up the “new economy” and threw lots of jargon out there for all of us to enjoy has suddenly realized that they may have overdone it a bit. They’re renamed a bunch of their divisions to hide just how silly they made them look. Their B2B Applications and Commerce group is now just Business Applications & Commerce. E-Sourcing Strategic Resource sounds so much less dorky when it’s Technology Management Strategies. The Communications Services for the New E-conomy Planning Service was not only silly, but way too long. It’s been replaced by Telecommunications Strategies. They did make it clear, however, that this doesn’t actually change what any of these groups. It just makes them look slightly less silly.

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