Labor Department Takes An Interest In OddTodd

from the the-price-of-unemployed-fame dept

A few months back we wrote about the cult-like status given to OddTodd for his animation about being laid off. As part of the site, he set up a way for people to send him money. It appears they did. He’s received about $9,000 for his very funny story. Of course, sometimes attention isn’t such a good thing – especially when it comes from the “authorities”. The NY State Department of Labor didn’t seem to find the animation that amusing. They brought Todd in to explain a few things. For instance, they wanted to know why he was still collecting unemployment checks, despite the money that was suddenly pouring in. They also pointed out that he didn’t seem to be looking much for work. Now they want about $3,000 in unemployment money back – and Todd may be coming up a little short. Maybe he’ll make another film about it and get more people to donate.

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