Nigerian Scam Getting More Popular

from the for-the-gullible-among-you dept

We’ve spoken before about the prose of the infamous Nigerian email scam (also known as the “419” scam), but it seems that there are still a ton of people who haven’t yet heard about the scam, and are still falling for it. What I can’t figure out is why it’s so big from Nigeria, but nowhere else? What’s so special about Nigeria that the scam has to be run there? Anyway, the best quote in the article: “On any given day, you may have a hundred people, ranging from amateur crooks to organized criminals, all using the same Internet cafe to send out ‘419’ e-mails.” Anyway, it seems that since the internet has reinvigorated the scam (it used to be done by snail mail and fax), now some are hoping to use the internet to fight back against it. I guess that makes sense, but I still can’t believe that people believe some random emailer who tells them they’re getting millions of dollars (and then requests money).

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