More PayPal Lawsuits

from the sue-away dept

PayPal has become a lightening rod for lawsuits lately. I guess that’s what happens when you are a tech company that actually goes public in such a market. The latest is a class action suit from angry users of the service who have had their accounts frozen for no clear reason, and no recourse. It is apparently impossible to contact PayPal customer service. One guy had $30,000 in his account which he cannot access. While there are still questions as to whether or not PayPal is really running an illegal online bank, it’s clear that if they are, then they’re not very good at it.

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Comments on “More PayPal Lawsuits”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: paypal

My own experience with paypal is that it works okay in transferring money. However, I’ve noticed a few times that someone will have sent me money and it will never show up.

Overall, though, it’s certainly easier than setting up a merchant account.

However, with all the new fees they keep adding, a lot of people have been saying it’s not worth using any more.

Malcolm Ray says:

Re: paypal

I have just filed a $30 million lawsuit against PayPal in Alaska. The first action being taken by Paypal is to try to move venue to California.

Any help, testimonials about PayPal horrors that I can get and that especially lead to cold hard facts would be welcome. I don’t even have an attorney, but plan to go it alone.
Malcolm Ray
Anchorage Alaska

Fred says:

Re: Re: Re:2 paypal

Folks, it’s not just Pay Pal. I had a regular checking account with Wells Fargo. They screwed up and over-credited my account. I asked a couple times if that balance was right, and was assured that it was. So after I’d withdrawn most of it and before I could make another deposit, they informed me I was way overdrawn (They’d taken back what they decided I wasn’t entitled to, without even informing me). This caused several checks to bounce, with hefty OD charges, and they refused to even accept my story that it could possibly be their doings. Now they’ve slapped a negative entry in my credit report, and nobody trusts me because of it. More banks than just Pay Pal need to get sued. It’s a racket all around when they can just dip in and take what they want out of your account.

Calvin Smith (user link) says:

Re: PayPal

CacheCard is a new MLM-friendly internet payment service with a ton of features not offered by others.

It is easy to fund your account and withdraw your money, offers bulk-pay for merchants, bank-to-bank transfer for just 45 cents, and very easy to do business with. Money-order by fax makes payment easy for offshore customers.

No charge to send money anywhere and just 2.6% plus 35-cents to receive it. Icludes a 5-level
Affiliate system.

CacheCard is an exciting alternative to PayPal, StormPay and ClikBank.

Phone 360 371-2164.

Ray C. says:

RE: PayPal

I have had a PayPal account for almost 2 years with NO problems sending and receiving money. Last week, I received an email that read “Receipt for your payment” I then opened my email and someone hacked into my account and withdrew $80+ in my account AND another $500.00 from my checking. I had to submit an online affidavid and mail a hard copy to their Investigations Dept. On the transaction, the Subject line was “UO GOLD” –Please be advised of this !! I am currently waiting for a response and credit back to my account. I will keep any viewers posted or you can email me direct.

Barbara Crabb says:

Re: PayPal

We just received a similar e-mail, stating we had just won an auction and that the bill of almost $300 was paid out of our PayPal account. We’ve also received 2 e-mails where someone is attempting to add their e-mail to our PayPal account.

So far no money has been paid. We called our credit cards and nothing has been charged. However, we are getting our money out and closing the account.

We’ve sent three emails to PayPal. The only response is a stupid form letter. Is there a way to send a complaint without going through their sight so that I can have a copy of the complaint?

Hope things work out for you!

KS says:

Paypal Froze my account

If anyone has any information on class action lawsuit, please forward. I have had an account with them for several years and as soon as I had a balance of $3000 in the account, they froze it and told me it will take 180 days before they will send my money to me. This is daylight robbery. They are asking for trouble here.

Kortnie says:

Let's fight the good fight!!! We have to do it!!!

Let’s pool our resources and do something. I have an idea.

I’m not a programmer or I’d have a website for you already. If someone wants to build this site, my husband will maintain it for me (he isn’t a programmer either).

What I have in mind is a website that collects everyone’s name, the amount PayPal stole from them, and a copy of everyone’s proof (perhaps in user supplied archived zip file). Also zip code would be important, as after collecting the info, we use it to petition senators, congressmen, federal prosecutors, district attorney’s, the BBB, etc. to take action based on the evidence against PayPal. Hate sites are fun and all, but let’s do something that will provide results.

A typical letter might read something like this:

“There are currently X people in your district with a combined total of Y dollars in complaints against PayPal.

We, the victims of PayPal, demand that you take action. PayPal is a conduit for fraud, and unjustly holds our money for any length of time they desire while collecting interest on the same.”

Probably better than that, but similar. I’m open to feedback…

But let’s do it. If you can build the site or host the site, please let me know.

I’ll post updates here periodically,


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