PhotoPoint Pictures Available For A Price

from the hold-'em-hostage dept

A lot of people were pissed off when Photopoint shut down without warning anyone. Many people had stored a huge number of digital photos with the service, and suddenly they were all gone. I’m not positive, but I was under the impression they were paying for the service. Anyway, now PhotoPoint is taking a poll to see how (if) they’ll give the pictures back. The leading choice is for people to pay $25 to get all their picutres on a CD-ROM. I’m not sure what sort of agreements people had agreed to when they signed up for PhotoPoint, and maybe this falls under the agreement, but it certainly sounds like PhotoPoint is holding the images hostage from their owners.

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Comments on “PhotoPoint Pictures Available For A Price”

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Timaaay! says:

More like bankrupcy than ransom

The company that bought Photopoint, Pantellic is insolvent. There is an interview with the CEO here. Long story short, they considered it a sharing service, not a permenant storage facility. Why anyone uses anything but Yahoo! Photos is frankly beyond me, but even with Yahoo!, I wouldn’t count on them keeping the only copy of my treasured photos… It’s called the clue train — be on it!

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

Actually, I would highly doubt it’s the same thing. Storing pictures online to show your family and friends isn’t the same as sending in a video for a contest that might be broadcast on TV. I would be amazed if the service didn’t say somewhere that the pictures remain the property of whoever took them. Otherwise, I would be amazed tha anyone used the service.

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