A Great Future In Store For Apple?

from the sell-sell-sell dept

Business Week has an interesting article about what’s happening at the Apple brick-and-mortar stores these days. It seems that they’re attracting an awful lot of window shoppers, but very few buyers. The problem is that most of the people working there were recruited for their Mac enthusiasm, and not their selling ability. However, now, Apple is pushing sales training on these folks, and are hoping that it really starts to pump up the high-revenue purchases of newbie Apple users relying on the store’s expertise to get them set up with Steve Jobs’ latest funky designs.

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Comments on “A Great Future In Store For Apple?”

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Imaginos says:

Re: Apple

I never started using Apples, because my favorite software packages don’t run on them. Same with Linux. I’d like to try both but…Chicken and egg I guess – low usage = fewer software developers = less software = low usage.

Here’s an idea – could the volunteer software development projects that have been used to advance Linux be used to port commercial software
TO Linux? They’d have to get cooperation from the software manufacturers of course, but some manufacturers (except Micro$oft)may go for it because they’d get into some new niche markets with very little effort on their part. The developers would get the satisfaction of seeing more apps available for their favorite OS, which would increase its popularity.

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