Entrepreneur Wife Left At The Auction Altar

from the too-bad dept

Well, it appears, that the young female entrepreneur who decided that she’d done everything she’s ever wanted to do in her life by the age of 24, except get married, won’t be doing that right away either. After trying to auction her hand in marraige online using a variety of different services (eBay smartly pulled the auction off their site), she’s now saying that the high bidder can’t be found. It seems it was all a hoax on his part. Of course, I sitll think this was all a publicity stunt on her part, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the “missing” high bidder was just a friend of her’s who was told to make sure s/he was the highest bidder who later “couldn’t be found”. Shouldn’t she just be forced to marry the next highest bidder? I think her QXL feedback rating should be dinged for failing to provide the goods or services promised.

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