Techdirt Gone, But Now It's Back

from the oops dept

In order to keep me busy while all my friends are out with their significant others of various degrees on Valentine’s day, Techdirt decided to stop working for the past two hours. It’s all fixed now, though. Nothing like a little technical crisis to keep you company through the evening. Update: GRRRR. Ok. While the site was down, I got some random spam message from some company called InternetSeer which claims they (how thoughtful of them) monitor sites to tell you when they’re down. I don’t need the service and I don’t want the service and I don’t like the fact that they spammed me. It turns out, unfortunately, that I’m not the only person they spammed. They spammed at least one other site that links to Techdirt (and I’d imagine more than that). That person correctly reported the spam to spamcop (good for them). Unfortunately, spamcop reads the spam message, sees the link to Techdirt – and assumes that the spam was advertising Techdirt. So now I’m being blamed for being a spammer. Lots of fun.

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Comments on “Techdirt Gone, But Now It's Back”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: SpamCop will probably review TechDirt

Yeah, I’ve used spamcop and have many friends who use it. I’m quite familiar with them. However, I am a little scared at immediately being called out as a spammer. I’m not so worried about Spamcop’s opinion, but I am worried that they sent notification to an upstream provider of my hosting service, and that provider might not take the time to look over the matter.

Dale Gardner says:


SpamCop is generally useful, but it’s not well thought out for less experienced users, or those who don’t actually read the traces.

They did finally fix it where it won’t report your e-mail address if it finds it in the text of the message. But otherwise, if your address is in the mail, you earn a report. In lieu of making the reporting more intelligent, they should instruct users to actually look at what’s about to be reported so they don’t accidently shoot an innocent bystander.

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