An Internet Scale Operating System

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A very interesting article in Scientific American about what would need to go into an internet scale operating system – both technically, and economically (they even discuss Mojo Nation’s system). They look at the benefits of creating such a widescale operating system (mostly peer-to-peer applications and data storage and back up). I can certainly see the benefits of making computing storage and processes more distributed, and smaller attempts at distributed computing have been powerful successes – but I’m not as sure how open people will be to having their machines open for “anything” that might come to them. Especially with companies and organizations suddenly forcing employees to stop using distributed systems like SETI@Home, I’m not sure how open a lot of systems will be to this. However, if such an ISOS did become popular, I would imagine that some very cool applications that most of us couldn’t even think of today would start popping up. The possibilities are pretty impressive.

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1 Comment
Edgar Perez says:

Internet-Scale Operating Systems

I am in the process of writing a paper for my Science and Technology writing class at the University of California, Santa Barbara and as I did some reseach on the topic I came across this website. I found an article here regarding the topic and I would like to find more information. I was wondering if you could perhaps direct me to where I could find some basic information relating ISOS.

Thank you for your time.


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