Job Hoppers Losing Jobs

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It was just a few years ago that people were talking about the “importance” of changing jobs very often, in order to get broader experience, and to move up the corporate ladder. People joked about the poor souls who were staying in a single job doing things the “old fashioned” way. Well, look who’s laughing now? It seems that when it comes to layoffs these days, companies are dumping those eager job hoppers, because they don’t display any sort of loyalty. They’re sticking with the people who have been there, and know the company – even when they may be more expensive.

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Comments on “Job Hoppers Losing Jobs”

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werty (user link) says:

Twisted data

Look at the stat (also quoted on
“Company loyalty often determines who receives pink slips…. 26 percent of those laid off had been employed for fewer than 24 months.”
Company loyalty my foot! Read the quote with the data inverted:
“74 percent of those laid off had been employed for more than 24 months.”
Sounds like the people behind the study picked a stat that would sound good, and ran with it. Problem is, the stat is relatively worthless. What does the rest of the grid look like? Does the scale diminish over time–or is that untrue, and therefore left out of the report?
Many holes in this one.

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