Humbled Ambitions, Real Businesses?

from the what-a-concept dept

Here’s a Boston Globe article that looks at the business of webcasting. A few years ago, people thought the web was going to be the next TV. It would be an entertainment medium with streaming video offering all sorts of content to whatever focused audience it chose. Of course, most webcasting companies are long out of business (some before they ever were really in business). Yet, webcasting is making a comeback – by focusing on a niche market (that doesn’t really seem all that niche). Webcasting for businesses has suddenly become a real business. Companies are doing their financial conference calls through webcasts, while other companies have found webcasts a useful way to present training sessions or seminars. It might not be flashy and exciting, but it’s saving companies lots of money – which means it’s making money for the companies that produce and host these webcasts.

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