Tech Interested Congress Introduces Dirty Dozen Bills

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Well, it certainly appears that the U.S. government has given up on the idea of staying out of the way of the technology world. The Cato Institute (who is known for their own biases) has put out a report detailing a “dirty dozen” bills that Congress has introduced to try to regulate the technology industry. Of course, most people doubt that any of the bills will pass. However, it does show that Congress is taking an increasingly active look at the technology world. The article doesn’t detail exactly what’s so dirty about these bills (though, I’m sure you can figure it out on some of them). I think that, knowing the Cato Institute, that they consider any bill that touches on a sector to be dirty simply because the government is involved.

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Comments on “Tech Interested Congress Introduces Dirty Dozen Bills”

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Brian Weaver (user link) says:

Tech Interested Congress Introduces Dirty Doze

Considering the technical/computer knowledge of most of our beloved congressmen, I can understand, on that basis alone, why the Cato institute might be opposed to more bills aimed at technology. There is no evidence that, for example, the previous omnibus bill, The Telecommunicaitons Act, improved or solved any of the things it set out to do. I notice how little competition in the cable market there is now. How about all those cheaper rates! Think of all the happy lobbyists swarming like locust around these bills. I smell money! In fact I can almost taste it!

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