Consumer Wireless Devices

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2002 is going to be a very interesting year in terms of new and interesting wireless devices that break the traditional cell phone mold. While we’re still waiting to get our hands on Danger Hiptops, Handspring Treos, and Nokia 55xxs, the Europeans and Asians are launching a slew of cool new devices. This week, Pogo Technologies introduced the Pogo PDA in the UK. Like Danger with their Hiptop, Pogo is focusing on the consumer market and aims to deliver a real web experience on a small screen over GSM/GPRS. We’re watching the launch of this device closely because it should be an interesting indicator of consumer acceptance of more entertainment oriented wireless devices.

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Comments on “Consumer Wireless Devices”

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John Bartley in Portland OR, USA (user link) says:

Geez, PA, what about the Samsung SPH-i300?

Doesn’t the first color PalmPhone already ‘break the mold’?

Why wait for BOFH-fons when you’ve already got a color Palm integrated into a CDMA/analog celfon w/ decent data service? Yeah, I know, Samsung’s already leaking the 3G model, the -i330, in Winter Olympics press releases, but, the -i300 works now and works very well in a very small package.

I don’t have to schlep around a laptop anymore to have access to Word & Word Perfect documents, Excel spreadsheets & PDFs. I’ve always got several books to read, and the whole thing fits in a shirt pocket, with every Palm app I want, not to mention 2 megs of AvantGo news and The Register in MobiPocket.

Life is good.

prash says:

Re: Geez, PA, what about the Samsung SPH-i300?

You are right, the Samsung is pretty cool. In fact you make an interesting point about Palm OS based devices. There is a lot of jockying around the smartphone OS. If Palm can get its act together, they really have a lot to offer in terms of the variety of applications that will run on a Palm powered devices. This is why I think the Handspring Treo will be successful, great form factor and lots of apps. I’m less sure of things like the Danger Hiptop.

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