Broadband Needs A Demand Stimulus

from the possibly dept

A San Jose Mercury News article about the world of broadband that quotes me at the beginning. If you happen to recieve a paper copy of the SJ Merc, they also have a photo of me sitting next to a pile of useless routers and modems and such. In the picture I have my hand over my face to (I think) demonstrate frustration. In reality, the frustration that the photo shows was more from working for nearly an hour with the photographer trying to come up with some way to take a picture that represents my frustration with broadband. “Broadband frustration” isn’t exactly a topic that makes one think of visuals. The article doesn’t discuss much new in the world of broadband, but does give a pretty straightforward description of what happened to the industry over the past few years. Update: Okay. Fine. The scanned image of me with my hand over my face, seated next to my stack o’ routers and modems and stuff is viewable here.

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