A Trip To Customer Service Hell

from the been-there-and-back-many-times dept

Ah. Customer service hell. The following was sent to me by a friend who claims that she almost needed to be committed after experiencing the exact same problem (with Worldcom, as well). It’s the story of a guy who received a mobile phone bill for $506.05 including $246.20 worth of calls in New York City – where his calls are supposed to be free. So he should just call up his mobile provider and contest the charges, right? Except that no one admits to being his mobile phone provider. He bought the service from Verizon, but gets bills from Worldcom – who claims they’re not his provider – just the billing subcontractor. He thought it might be Sprint PCS, but no one knows for sure. On the bill there is a phone number for him to call, which connects him to Worldcom – but (after a long pitch for him to buy other services) tells him that they are experiencing “unusually large call volumes” and that he should try back later. This happens every time. The scary part is that I’m sure many people have experienced exactly the same thing – and there’s not much that can be done.

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