Talk To Your Things

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Some researchers are working on a wearable computing system that will allow you to talk to various inanimate objects. The object itself requires a sensor, which is recognized by the wearable computer. Then, you can ask it a question using voice recognition. The system (in theory) understands the question, knows what you’re talking to, wirelessly transmits the question to a central server which then transmits the answer back. Why would this ever be useful? Well, the idea is that in a complex environment like a nuclear plant, an engineer could wander around and “ask” different systems how they were doing. It’s an interesting idea, but it seems to me that there are way too many points of failure to make such a system all that reliable.

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Comments on “Talk To Your Things”

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whit says:

Re: Points of failure

How many points of failure are there in a typical personal computer? How many points of failure are there in a typical automobile?

Most of the time, they work pretty well.

True, but this technology is about adding another layer of complexity on top of something like a typical personal computer or automobile; the basic tool still has to perform its normal fuctions, as well as recognizing and responding to voice commands.

It’s well within the realm of possibility, but not an easy task by any means…

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