Resume Spamming Becoming More Popular

from the oh-please-no dept

Remember the moron spammer? It seems that such “job spamming” is becoming more of a trend according to the Washington Post. The article seems to have been inspired by the whole Shifman incident, but finds that more and more out-of-work folks are turning into moron spammers as they try to find a job. What I want to know is what sort of company hires a resume spammer? The article also quotes Shifman making it sound as though he’s the victim in all this and leaving out all of his hollow threats to sue the hell out of everyone who emailed him.

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Comments on “Resume Spamming Becoming More Popular”

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1 Comment
Tom Henretty says:


Battle tested web services guy needs job.
2.5 years professional programming experience.
Java/J2EE/XML specialist
Team player
Good communicator
Cross posted to,,,,, and comp.*
ha ha
“The best thing about being unemployed is the weekend that lasts until your next job” –Anonymous

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