A Bloggie?

from the how-nice dept

Way too many “Techdirt-related” posts lately. Anyway, I just (somewhat randomly, I’ll admit) noticed that Techdirt has been nominated for a Bloggie award for best computer or technology weblog. Considering Slashdot is the competition, I imagine the chances of winning are about as good as Microsoft admitting they don’t make very secure software… no, wait… about as good as Amazon.com ever declaring a profit… no, wait… then again, maybe we do have a chance.

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Comments on “A Bloggie?”

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alternatives() says:

Low noise, less errors, and no loosing corporate m

Considering you don’t blow things (like yesterday’s /dorks freebsd release), you don’t have a corporate master who’d like to dump you but can’t figure out how to, (We wanted to be ‘the company you came to for all things linux’, even had linux in our name. But now we’re dumping the linux stuff as fast as we can, in fact we got rid of it from our name), and you have kept the /dork style trolls off the system, you got my vote.

And, if /dork doesn’t put this nomination on thier front page, you might even have a chance.

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