AOL Sues Microsoft Just Because

from the why-not? dept

Suddenly Netscape has realized that Microsoft has driven them almost out of business, so now they decide is a good time to sue. They’re using support from the anti-trust trial to say that Microsoft killed Netscape’s business (though, there are plenty of folks who think Netscape’s management might share more of the blame). They say that part of the lawsuit is asking the court to “restore competition”, which would be quite the challenge. I wonder if they’ll force the jury to code a better version of Mozilla…

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Comments on “AOL Sues Microsoft Just Because”

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1 Comment
Bill says:

This is crazy

Netscape screwed itself during the browser war because of its own incompetent management led by Barksdale and Mark Andressen. This suit just makes no sense to me. It seems to me that AOL is losing its focus and trying to branch back into software (e.g. the redhat rumor, and now the legal action). I’m afraid AOL might be the next Avon.

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