Xbox To Become HomeStation?

from the maybe,-maybe-not dept

A few months ago we pointed out that it was likely (actually almost inevitable) that Microsoft would combine the Xbox and UltimateTV and create a “digital entertainment hub. Now, some are saying that that is exactly what they’re planning on doing by building video recording into the Xbox. Actually, and this is the odd part, the article here doesn’t even mention UltimateTV, which is still a part of Microsoft. I spoke to someone recently who works for UltimateTV and they claimed that the Xbox division remains completely separate and they weren’t working together at all (but since when can you trust a Microsoft employee?). The article also quotes some folks who say that Microsoft had planned to announce such a device last week at CES, but didn’t because of manufacturing issues. However, others claim that Microsoft has no such plans. Either way, the device doesn’t sound as cool as the Moxi Digital device it would compete against (although, the Moxi device wouldn’t have a gaming system included).

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