Silicon Valley CEO Smackdown

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Ok, I have to admit that one of the things that got me started on the path to Techdirt in 1996 was a series of quotes that Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy made about Bill Gates. They were so funny that I sent them to some friends. A few weeks later, both made even more outrageous comments, and it almost felt as though the two of them were trying to outdo each other. So, I have a weak spot for an article all about how these two are completely obsessed with Microsoft and Bill Gates. The article points out that while many people are used to the Larry & Scott show, it is a bit unique to the tech industry. You wouldn’t expect to hear the head of Bank of America call his counterpart at Citibank a “butthead”. They also point out the differences in their barbs. McNealy is often funny, while Ellison is just mean. It’s really too bad that Gates (or, even better, Ballmer) doesn’t fire back. While I think it’s a much smarter move for them to stay quiet, imagine the shouting match between all of them. I would pay to witness it live.

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