Gadgets For Women

from the they-are-a-big-market,-after-all dept

Historically, gadget and consumer electronics makers have targeted men with their products. However, they’re finally realizing that there are women consumers too. The article explains some of the general differences between how men and women look to buy consumer electronics. However, they don’t explain how men should buy gadgets as gifts for women. That’s a completely different science, apparently.

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Comments on “Gadgets For Women”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I've got your gadget right here, baby....

…Includes the following features:

flexable form factor
world’s most efficent data storage technology
simple user interface
self portable
no batteries required
no harmfull radiation emitted
works on all frequencies with any service provider
periodically dispenses a protien snack for your enjoyment

BTW, womean *are* gadget freaks… they just like gadgets that they can smear on their face (just look in *any* woman’s purse).

AnyChick says:

Gadgets For Women

A fairly sexist point of view. Sounds like the old “the ladies can pick the color” point of view from the automakers in the ’50’s. Women read specs just like any (male) consumer does. The writer must be my mother’s age (mid-60’s) if she doesn’t know what a sub-woofer is. She should just ask her daughter for help and stop kidding herself.

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