Is Satellite Radio The Next Big Thing?

from the I-doubt-it dept

People have been talking about satellite radio for a while, and now that it’s finally here in some form it’s apparently doing well. I’ve always trashed the idea because I didn’t think anyone would want to pay for radio, but perhaps I was wrong. I’m still not convinced it will be as big a deal as many people are predicting – as I don’t think too many people proactively think about listening to their radios. For most people, it’s just something they do while they’re in their car. Is it worth paying $10 to $15 a month just so the selection on your radio dial is a little better? Apparently some people think so.

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Comments on “Is Satellite Radio The Next Big Thing?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Well...

I actually think this is quite different than cable TV. TV is something that people plan their lives around… and it’s something they do in their homes and sit around. Radio isn’t like that any more. Most people listen to radio in the car on their way to and from work. It’s something they do to pass the time while they’re driving… they don’t (generally) plan their lives around what’s on the radio. However, people will get cable TV so they don’t miss a certain show. So, I’m not sure the comparison is valid.

bubba says:

Re: Yes! It's worth it!

> get rid of the idiots ‘in the morning’ and ditch the commercials. I’d pay $10/mo.
Ditto that. As for becoming a KQED member, how the hell are you going to listen to KQED in Bozeman, MT or Bumfuck, AR? Satellite isn’t for you punks in the Bay Area, it’s for the poor schmoes out in the boonies and those cities who have 9 Clear Channel stations to “choose” from.
Sirius is the one if you don’t want commercials, but I don’t know if they can oout-hype XM.

Anonymous Coward says:

events on the near horizon...

…anyone want to netcast one of the “channels” so we can get a feel for what the “programming” is like?

Also, how long before someone hacks the hardware and/or encryption?

…as for terresterial radio and all those bullshit “morning zoo” personalities (including HS) that are cooked up in a corporate script factory and sound room only to be uploaded to a lights-out repeater miniutes before broadcast… fsckem’ hard, with a stick… they deserve to die a slow, protracted, highly painfull death only to be occasionally brought back to life with blood transfusions and a defiburlator for more punishment.

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